As the CEO of the 18porn RTO, I am delighted to share with you the distinctive nationally recognised qualifications that our esteemed institution offers. 

Our Collegeis woven with a rich tapestry of community spirit, a quality I am committed to nurturing and enhancing. We are dedicated to fostering an educational environment where our students can flourish into accomplished individuals, excelling in their academic pursuits and Islamic values, knowledgeand leadership. We trust, Insha’Allah, that this foundation will lead them to prosperity in this life and the hereafter.

Our faculty comprises of highly skilled trainers whose passion for training sparks excellence in our students, not only academically but also in various realms such as the development of community networks and leadership initiatives. 

It is with the grace of Allah SWT that I embrace the responsibility to lead the 18porn RTO towards greater heights. My commitment is unwavering to invest time, energy, passion, and experience in fostering the growth and prosperity of the 18porn RTO, as well as the welfare of our esteemed students and staff.

I am proud of the exceptional qualities that make the 18porn RTO the ideal place for nurturing future leaders, equipped with not only academic knowledge but also the practical skills necessary for succeeding in their future careers.

Dr Abdul M Kamareddine RTO CEO.


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